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The selenium content of asparagus is higher than that of ordinary vegetables, close to mushrooms that are rich in selenium, and even comparable to that of Marine fish and shrimp.

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China is now the largest producer of asparagus, producing 6,960,357 tonnes in 2010, far ahead of other countries (Peru 335,209 tonnes and Germany 92,404 tonnes).  Asparagus in China is relatively concentrated in Xuzhou of Jiangsu province and Heze of Shandong province.  In addition, Chongming Island also has distribution.  The quality of asparagus grown in dry fields in the north was better than that grown in paddy fields in the south.  In dry field, asparagus grows slowly with little water content in stem and taste better.  Asparagus grown in paddy fields absorb more water and grow faster.  Asparagus is rich in vitamin B, vitamin A, folic acid, selenium, iron, manganese, zinc and other trace elements.  Asparagus contains a variety of essential amino acids.Asparagus belongs to asparagaceae, also known as stone diao cypress, perennial root plants. The edible part of asparagus is its young stem, the stem is tender and plump, the terminal bud is round, the scale is close, the color of the harvest before unearthed is white and tender, called white asparagus; The young stems turn green when exposed to light and are called green asparagus. White asparagus is canned and green asparagus is served fresh. Regardless of where the asparagus is grown, it will turn green as soon as it is exposed to sunlight. Burying it in the ground or shading it will make the asparagus pale. Asparagus is a rare vegetable with delicate texture and rich nutrition. Due to its white and tender meat, fragrant and fragrant taste, asparagus contains a lot of protein, but no fat, fresh and refreshing, so popular in the world, European and American countries, senior banquets, this dish is common. 1. anti-cancer, anti-tumor Asparagus is rich in the king of anti-cancer elements - selenium, prevent cancer cell division and growth, inhibit the activity of carcinogens and accelerate detoxification, and even reverse cancer cells, stimulate the body's immune function, promote the formation of antibodies, improve the resistance to cancer; In addition, the strengthening effect of folic acid and nucleic acid can effectively control the growth of cancer cells. Asparagus has special benefits for bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and almost all cancers. 2. protect blood vessels, reduce fat Asparagus also protects blood vessels and helps clean up blood fats. Asparagus is low in sugar, fat and fiber. There are also rich trace elements, although its protein content is not high, but the proportion of amino acid composition is appropriate. Therefore, regular consumption of asparagus can also prevent hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular diseases. 3. promote fetal brain development For pregnant women, asparagus is high in folic acid, and regular consumption of asparagus can help fetal brain development. 4. Detoxification, heat clearing and diuresis Asparagus can clear heat diuresis, eat more benefits. Asparagus for kidney disease have a certain control effects of detoxification diuresis is very obvious, whether drinking asparagus tea, or after eating asparagus, half an hour, can thoroughly discharge toxins in the blood and kidney, urinate particularly turbidity, foul smell, and normal urination and the difference is obvious, and then to urinate, immediately get clean water, no peculiar smell. 5. Lose weight and cure alcohol Asparagus is a good food material that can lose weight. In addition to the right amount of exercise, it can be properly used as a dinner to lose weight. This food material is matched with a variety of cereals porridge, which is very good as a dinner to lose weight. In addition, the purified substance in asparagus can increase the rate of alcohol catabolism, helping the drunkard to cure more quickly. If asparagus extract is not available, eating asparagus before or after drinking can also relieve drunkenness and prevent hangovers. The researchers note that the antihangover properties in asparagus remain stable even after being cooked at high temperatures.Eating asparagus before drinking can help relieve headaches, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. 6. Cool fire In traditional Chinese medicine books, asparagus is called "longwhisk vegetable", saying that it is sweet, cold and non-toxic, and has the effect of clearing heat and relieving urine. That is to say, even if the mouth is dry in summer, thirsty after exercise, fever and thirst, asparagus can be eaten to clear heat and quench thirst. Both cool and refreshing fire effect, in the summer of course popular. 7. calm and calm, anti-fatigue Asparagus contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, and its protein composition has a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that asparagus has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing Yin and benefiting water, and has a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on patients with hypertension and heart disease. Eating asparagus regularly can calm nerves and relieve fatigue. 8. disease prevention, Asparagine contained in asparagus has many special physiological effects on human body. It hydrolyzed to produce aspartic acid, which can improve body metabolism, eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength, and has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on hypertension, heart disease, edema, nephritis, anemia and arthritis.

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